1. What is your Room Rental fee? What other fees or charges do you require?
    We do not charge a room rental fee. You pay for your menu/bar package choice multiplied by your guest count. Plus tax, gratuity, Bartenders, (X1 for every 100 guests.) Security Guard (one flat fee) and cash security deposit (Refundable 72 hr. after event. Provided End Time is Met, No Damage/Loss to Facility or its Contents. That all Terms/Conditions, including any/all Special Arrangements or Custom Agreements in writing are upheld and adhered to.)

  2. Can we bring in our own food/liquor?
    Outside food/beverage are not permitted on Duneland Falls property unless written authorization is approved by catering manager. Any evidence of outside food/beverage on premises will result in loss of security deposit. 

  3. If my guests bring in food/liquor am I responsible?
    Yes, you are responsible for your guests. We will ask them to remove any restricted items. If the first request is not honored we reserve the right to ask them to leave the premises or end the event, if necessary. This policy is strictly enforced.

  4. Can I pay to have a special request added to the bar just for specific people?
    Yes, only if it is purchased through us and some restrictions apply. We will designate a special bartender to serve these specific people. Bartender must be given a list of names of those participating and be formally introduced to them. This is in an effort to avoid confusion during the evening.

  5. Can we take home leftover food?
    Sorry, but no. We exercise the right not to entertain the liability associated with food related illnesses once food has left our facility.

  6. Can we bring in our own cake?
    Yes, we allow cakes (Wedding, Birthday, retirement etc…) and candy or sweet tables. These must be purchased from a licensed company.

  7. Do you charge to cut our cake?
    No, there is no cake cutting fee.

  8. Do we bring our own utensils (knife) for our cake cutting ceremony?
    Most people buy their own set as a keepsake or you can purchase an “accessories set” from us which includes a knife set. (See weddings by Angelique pricing).

  9. How much are your colored napkins?

  10. Do you have a discounted price for kids?
    Our discount for kids is 5 years old and under eat free.

  11. Do you have a kids meal option?
    Yes. In addition to dinner price add kid’s platters (feeds 2 kids. Additional cost per table.) Kid’s buffet (30 kid’s min. only. Additional cost) Chicken nuggets, corn dogs and French fries.

  12. Can we get married there? If so, how much does it cost?
    Absolutely, we encourage it! We offer Indoor and Outdoor options. See “Ceremony” under amenities tab for details & pricing.

  13. Does Duneland Falls allow a pet in ceremony/wedding party?
    Yes. Inquire for details.

  14. If our ceremony is elsewhere and ends early can guests come there and hang out inside the venue?
    When ceremony is elsewhere we open our doors 30 minutes before your reception begins. Guests are welcomed to wait in their vehicle if they arrive before that time.

  15. If I plan an outdoor ceremony at another location and it rains can I move it to Duneland Falls “last minute”?
    Quite possibly. But, only if you discuss the chances of this happening with us in advance. Without notice, we would not be prepared for early arrival.

  16. How much is it to book at Duneland Falls?
    Booking Deposit: Cathedral and Grand Ballroom $2,000. Grand East or Grand West Ballroom $1,000.
    Booking/Hold Deposits are deducted from final balance. They are non- transferable and non-refundable upon cancellation.

  17. Does bar close for meal?
    No, we do not close the bar unless requested.

  18. When is last call?
    It is 15 minutes before your end time so your guests can comfortably finish their drink before leaving.

  19. Can we come in for the Bridal Suite any earlier than 9:00 am?
    You can purchase 1 hour for $50.00 to come in at 8:00 am.

  20. Can we use the Bridal Suite or Man Cave for pictures or to change clothes etc… after it closes at 4pm?
    Only when special consent is given by manager. We require specific time/activity desired. Security must be aware. Any unauthorized/unscheduled presence or activity will result in security or staff escorting you in exiting “closed” area.

  21. Where do we put our personal items  when the Bridal Suite/Man Cave closes at 4pm?
    You can place items in your vehicle or under a featured table in your ballroom. (Head table, gift table, sweet table etc…)

  22. If I need extra tables will I be charged?
    DJ, Photo Booth, Silent Auction, Candy Buffet and vendor tables are provided. They come dressed in “house “black spandex covers. However, specialty linens will incur an added fee. There is no charge for guest tables. However, there is a fee when specialty linens are rented. Any last minute guest table request will require this fee for each extra table. We do offer “house” White or Ivory satin table covers with sheer overlay. Or Black satin table covers without sheer overlay.

  23. Can we add on last minute guests?
    It is very important to consult us on any last minute change. We will make every effort to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee it. This greatly depends on us being given enough notice to make the needed arrangements. Ordering extra food, changes in scheduling, possibly more tables, linens and centerpieces are some examples of why we encourage you to ask us as soon as possible.   

  24. Are we allowed to decorate ourselves?
    Yes, you may. However, we suggest discussing your plan with us to be sure you are within our guidelines. (No hanging items from ceiling, walls, balcony etc… Inquire for guidelines)

  25. If we decorate ourselves, can we start the day before or the day of our event?
    It solely depends on our schedule of events. We make every effort to allow time the day before. But, if there is an event your time may be the day of no earlier than 1hour before event starts. Check with us the week of your event so we can schedule your time slot.

  26. Can we clean up the next day if we are DIY?
    No, sorry. You must clean up the night of your event.  We suggest you arrange for help and start 30 min. before end time. Building must be vacated 30 minutes after event end time. Not complying will result in loss of security deposit. We consider anything left behind unwanted and our Staff will determine disposal of items. 

  27. If we don’t have time can we hire a company or can your staff set up our décor?
    Yes, to both questions. We are happy to assess and price the work for you. We suggest you organize and have everything as simple as possible to save you money.

  28. Will Angelique be there the entire day & night of my event?
    She usually is but it’s not guaranteed. We understand you may have built confidence with Angelique or other staff. However, she holds team meetings covering important details to ensure any staff member can assist you.

  29. Do you offer "In House" coordinator services?
    We offer help with blending colors, design or theme ideas, those types of things along the way. However, if you require an "Event Reception Coordinator" which consists of many more details such as, itinerary, timeline, rehearsal, and line up's, vendor deliveries, announcing etc… That is a purchased category. (See weddings by Angelique Décor pricing for details.)

  30. Do you have a microphone we can use for our event? (Wedding, birthday, retirement etc…)
    Yes, for any event (except meetings) rental fee of $50.00 is required.

  31. Do you have a projector we can use for our event? (Wedding, birthday, retirement etc…)
    Yes, for any event (except meetings) rental fee of $25.00 is required. (100% self-service.  Make time to learn how to use.)

  32. Do you have an easel we can use for our event?(Wedding, birthday, retirement etc…)
    Yes, for any event (except meetings) rental fee of $5.00 is required

  33. Do we need Wedding or Event insurance?
    No, you do not.

  34. Can our guests use the main entrance if we book the Grand Ballroom?
    Yes, absolutely.

  35. Are we responsible for vendors or guests that take longer than 30 minutes to leave?
    Yes, you are responsible for your vendors and guests leaving the building within 30 minutes of your event ending. Not complying will result in loss of security deposit.

  36. Can we leave our car in the parking lot overnight?
    Yes, you certainly may.

  37. Do we have to include ourselves (bride & groom), all our vendors (DJ, photographer, photo booth person etc…), and all kids 5 years and under in our final count?
    Yes. Anyone who will be served dinner must be added to your final count. Otherwise, we are unable to serve them.

  38. Can we hire our own Security Guard or Bartenders? How many of each do we need?
    No, sorry you must use ours. We require 1 bartender per every 100 guests. There is one flat fee for Security guard.

  39. Is your Security Guard responsible for watching children that attend?
    Sorry, they are not. IMPORTANT: Children must remain in their designated ballroom under adult supervision at all times. They are not allowed near fountain without an adult, no running in hallways, not allowed in bridal suite, man cave, on the stage or outside unsupervised.

  40. Do you have a security deposit?
    Yes, a $500.00 deposit is required (cash only). Returnable 72 hour after event ends provided there is no damage/loss to our facility or its contents and all terms, conditions and agreements are adhered to.

  41. Do you have any Free decorating options?
    Yes, you are welcome to use our “house” options. White/Black/Ivory table covers. 12in. Eiffel Tower vase with square or round mirror and 2 tea light candle holders to create your own centerpiece. $50.00 deposit required.  Returnable 72 hour after event ends provided there is absolutely no damage/loss to our facility or its contents.

  42. Do you offer vegetarian/gluten free meal options?
    Limited options available.

  43. Do you accommodate guests with food restrictions or allergies?
    Sorry, but no. We can only prepare your chosen menu. You can inform these guests of your choices so they may prepare accordingly.

  44. What is your gratuity?
    We charge 19% gratuity on food.
    We charge 10% gratuity on bar.

  45. What is Indiana State tax?
    Indiana Tax 7%

  46. What Covid precautions are you taking?
    We follow all current mandates required by our local health department. Call for specifics.